Celebrate Moms Everywhere by Giving Back with #RedNose

Influencer Moms Spreading  #RedNose #RedNoseClub Awareness
Influencer Moms Spreading #RedNose #RedNoseClub Awareness

As my family celebrates me on Mother’s Day, I can’t help but smile on how fortunate I’ve been in this life to see my husband and children busily prepare for it. Kids are happily making homemade cards and my husband is cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Like many families,  celebrating Mother’s Day is one weekend / day that gives mom a moment to feel loved and appreciated. But truly, the biggest reward of all for me is how my husband and I can look at each other in the eyes and feel content that our kids are happy on moments like this.

While I think that one weekend or one day is not enough to celebrate moms, I am thankful that we at least given a moment to do so. I often wonder though – how are the families living in poverty celebrating? How do the homeless celebrate their Moms? What about the children? Where will they be sleeping tonight? Where will they find food to eat when then they wake up in the morning? It’s a reality that we often easily forget when we are celebrating within our own homes.

This is why the #RedNose campaign is very important to me. It’s an easy way for anyone to give back and help lift children off poverty wherein 12 non-profit charities are benefitting from. During this Mother’s Day celebration, please help me spread the word about the #RedNoseDay. That for just $1, you can make a difference. Do it because you’re a mom, you have a mom, and know that we’re a better world with happier children everywhere.

To learn more about the #RedNose campaign, check out our awareness video below and the recent post I wrote here in Chicagonista: Chicago Welcomed Coast-to-Coast Influences to Create #RedNoseDay Awareness with Walgreens.

Disclosure: This post is a partnership with Red Nose Day at Walgreens. All opinions are my own.

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