Time for a Little ReVamping!

By Sara Youngblood-Ochoa from A Modern Day Ricky and Lucy

At the start of 2010, I set a few goals for myself.  I tend to avoid resolutions but there was something about the start of a new decade that inspired me to make some changes.

Some goals have been easy to fulfill.  Socialize more with friends?  Check.  Date night at least once a month with my husband? Done!

Others have been more of a challenge.  Eat healthier?  This one comes and goes.  Put more time into my appearance? I have a one year old.  Some days I’m lucky to brush my teeth.  Exercise three times a week?  HA!

I had just forced myself onto the exercise bandwagon about a month ago (yes, it took me EIGHT months to start working on that goal.  Don’t judge me!) when I heard about the ReVamp Project for moms.

As I read about the project I KNEW I had to be a part–boot camp, financial advise, info on being closer with your kids and spouse, a make-over?  All things I need and want! I’ve always been a super-organized, pulled together person.  And then I had a baby.  All semblance of organized and pulled together has gone out the window!

My son’s room is always clean.  His laundry is always done.  He’s always dressed well.  My room is often a disaster and many days I’m scrambling looking for something that doesn’t have baby pee on it to throw on.

The ReVamp Project is all about learning to take care of ME again and not just my husband and child, so I was thrilled to be chosen to take part.

A week and a half ago I gathered my yoga mat in it’s cute little bag (hey, I may not like to exercise, but I love accessories!) and headed off to my first boot camp.  I was terrified.

Would I be the most out of shape one there?  Would I be able to keep up?  Would I end up weeping in a corner while everyone else happily jogged around me?

I shouldn’t have worried.  Everyone there–the other moms, the regular boot campers (who are in AMAZING shape.  Maybe there is something to this whole exercise craze after all.) and the trainers–are super-nice.  (And I don’t know if any of the other moms have said this, but our trainers are really cute! Another incentive to keep going to class.  Hee hee.)

So I was immediately at ease and didn’t feel like I was being judged or watched or considered “less than.”  And so I worked out, free of any of that nonsense that I usually put on myself.  And I liked it.  I jogged (and walked), I did lunges (which I have always and will always hate!), I crunched, I bicep curled, I stretched.  I did it all.  And I kept up!

And the next day I HURT!

But it was a good hurt and I was happy! And I have remained happy every night after each boot camp. I’m exercising, I’m not hating it and I’m sticking with it!  This is a new one for me.

Sadly, at boot camp on Monday an old musical theatre knee injury (don’t I sound tough!) flared up, so I’ve had to sit out the last couple of classes.

In the past this would have made me happy.  Whew, an excuse to stop pushing myself.

But this time it just makes me mad and frustrated.  I WANT to do this.  I want to prove to myself I can do it.  I want to make exercise a priority so my son grows up knowing how to be healthy.  I want to inspire my husband to take better care of himself.

So I’m icing and resting and hoping to be back in the game on Monday.

Until then I’m dreaming of boot camp…

Except for those damn lunges.

The ReVamp Project fitness bootcamp is sponsored by Total Results Training

You may know Sara as Lucy from A Modern Day Ricky and Lucy where she shares her wisdom on all of life’s important topics like babies, husbands and TV commercials.  She also publishes Macaroni Kid Chicago, a free newsletter of family friendly events in the Chicago area. Follow her on Twitter: @LucilleRicaro or MacKidChcgoLoop.

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