Taking the Plunge

Taking a huge jump and in I go into a boot-camp that will revamp my life!

MJ Tam (Chicagonista) and Stacey Weckstein (MomRenewal) have provided the perfect opportunity for mothers to have a new charge in life.

The Revamp Project is important to me because I have areas of myself that need to be addressed.

Being fit has always been on my agenda, but after 14 years of mothering, I must admit, I have never quite accomplished the goals I set out to.

I have stayed physically active despite my fluctuating dress size.

A mom’s overall outlook can impact her weight, so it is important to focus on fitness, mindset and nutrition.

This challenge is addressing women as a whole. A complicated entity that must pause and focus for rejuvenation!

There are certain components that are surfacing that we really need to contemplate before we fully realize the image we seek.

Running, boxing, Taebo … yoga gave me health – yet never really targeted the areas I am most dissatisfied with – MY POUCH!

Total Results Training provides programming that is invigorating.

I LOVE being out in the elements.

During the indoor months here in Chicago, I am mainly a stationary bike gal, which can provide my cardio – but I am really excited about how our first program targeted all of my problem areas!

Also nice is a reprieve from the calm and collected yoga regimen.

Change is good and I am so excited to see what DAY 2 will bring.

Here’s to moving and shaking all the way to 2011!

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