Start 2016 with a Healthy New You with the American Heart Association – Go Red For Women #YouGoGirl

I have taken the time to take care of my parents, kids, husband, and now it’s got to be my turn! It has to be my turn and now it’s your turn, too!

So I’m excited to share with you that MJ Tam and I were asked to partner with American Heart Association for the Go Red for Women project. A couple of bloggers flew in our fave city of Chicago to film with our #ChicagonistaLIVE show camera crew, but as we were preparing and reviewing our lines, I was already stressing out about having to do my own Well-Woman Visit.

Isn’t that the case for us women? As busy moms like many of you out there, we take a lot of time finding special holiday gifts for our loved ones, but this time, I encourage you to take a moment to give the gift of health to ourselves. Let’s invest one hour of our life to be present for the future. I will call my doctor, and you call yours. Deal?

Let’s make our Well-Woman appointments in January. You too can help encourage your women friends and families by having the conversation about our health and heart health. Let’s ring 2016 with a healthier welcome!

I also want to commit doing a couple of things to keep myself on track. Like walking 20 minutes a day, parking farther from the entrance to the store, take a moment to relax, unwind, read a book, eat more healthy greens and fruit, and get lots of restful sleep.

Sounds easy to do, right? But it is a commitment! So let’s help each other out then.

Now I’m pushing you – and MJ. Let’s do this!

Follow my journey along with all the other girls involved using #YouGoGirl. Chime in and share your Well-Woman journey, too.


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