Spreading Warmth with Hills Bros Cappuccino #CappTheNight

How’s the start to your 2016?  Do you have a resolution to spend more time with your friends?

Grabbing a cup of coffee, having a quick bite to eat, or going out to shop, are all great ways to catch up with friends, but wouldn’t it be nice to take a moment and enjoy each other’s company without “just squeezing-in” those relationships? I’m hoping that I can twist your arm a little bit in making that much-needed time for yourself with your girlfriends by introducing  Hills Bros. Cappuccino’s great line of products! Just imagine – In the comfort of your own home, you can invite all the girls over to enjoy some Hills Bros Cappuccino, while catching up on the latest celebrity  drama, and gossip.

Cappuccino Float
Cappuccino Float

On November’s episode of ChicagonistaLIVE, my co-hosts and I tried some of the Hills Brothers Cappuccino. In fact, we invited a couple of our girlfriends with us, too! Besides our hot girlfriends topic, we brewed up some of the recipes, tried all of the different flavors, and everyone loved that these cappuccino are perfect to enjoy during these blistering winter months.


Girls Night In at The #ChicagonistaLIVE Show


Mug Cake
Easy Mug Cake

I am looking forward to inviting all of my girlfriends over to share with them Hills Bros Cappuccino, along with the assortment of sweet treats. On top of that, I get to check off one of my resolutions! Thanks to Hills Bros. Cappuccino, I have January and February covered!

Girls for Coffee

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’m looking forward to baking a few more recipes below and then sharing the love with friends and family. To make your own Girls Night In, make sure to follow @HillsBrosCapp and #CappTheNight on Twitter. Recipes can also be found on the back of the package or visit HillsBrosCappuccino.comyou can still win a #CappTheNight gift pack by January 8th !

Also check out some more great recipes over at Party Blue Prints Blog – you will love what Dawn and Elizabeth have put together for their Ladies Night In.

Cappuccino Float

4 Tbsp Hills Bros. Cappuccino

1 Cup water

10 ice cubes

1 scoop ice cream

In a blender combine Cappuccino,water and ice. Blend until smooth. Add 1 scoop of ice cream and drizzle with chocolate sauce if desired. Enjoy immediately.

Disclosure: ChicagonistaLIVE has partnered with Hills Bros.® Cappuccino to bring you the above recipes and ideas!  All opinions are my own. 

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  1. I love the irish cream but since you don’t make any more I love the white chocolate . and sometimes it’s hard to find it. and I tried to enter you sweepstakes but I didn’t have any luck. I have disability. don’t stop making the white chocolate. God blessed and be safe.

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