Operation Pink Sky with the Chicagoland Skydiving Center [video]

Operation Pink Sky - Media Skydivers
Media Skydivers: L-R MJ Tam of Chicagonista, Marcella Raymond of WGN News, Brotha Fred of KissFM, Dina Bair of WGN News, Zach Freeman of New City, and Michelle Gallardo of ABC7 News

On June 7th the Chicagoland Skydiving Center located in Rochelle, IL once again hosted #OperationPinkSky this time partnering with Dancing with Chicago Celebrities and formed Skydiving with Chicago Celebrities to help raise money for breast cancer research and I’m excited to be part of this for Chicagonista. I even had fun a along the way chatting it up with radio personality¬†BrothaFred of KissFM who graciously gave me a few skydiving tips.

If you missed the event, just know that it’s not too late to support and donate here.

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