Celebrate “All Things French” In Chicago

Escape to Paris to celebrate Bastille Day in Chicago! You didn’t get to celebrate on time? Well don’t fret because Pierrot Gourmet at  The Peninsula Chicago will keep the fete going on until August 14th. Ooh la la!

A week ago we had a pleasure in checking out Pierrot Gourmet’s Bastille Day Menu. We started off with some Summer Tarte Flambee, a Bucheroelle goat cheese flat bread with vine tomatoes and fennel, followed by a Charcuterie Plate. The Salad Lyonnaise was unforgettable and only to get our appetites ready for more savory dishes like the Bouchot Mussels, Short Rib “Bourgignon” and more. The experience was tres magnifique and was simply sweetened by sumptuous desserts by Fayard.  You must try the Mousse Chocolate Facon Grand-Mere, Tarte Tatin and Flan Parisien.  Check out the full Bastille Day Menu

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