ivivva Coast to Coast Summer Festival – Chicago

IMG_3354It’s a great time to be a girl!

After all, the world’s thinking is a lot less male-dominated, and women are slowly getting easier access to rights and opportunities, unlike the women before us who had to live or watch other women fight for gender equality for most of their lives. Still, our world has a long way to go, but at least here in America we’re seeing and feeling the fruits of labor our grandmothers strived on.

On the opposite side, all this freedom had gone wayward. Somehow, we didn’t do enough to get our little girls ready for what’s out there for them. Then – there’s the Internet that swayed their thinking on how they should talk, walk, and think. Sigh.

The Internet, tv, social media and magazines are just among the reason why it’s not a great time to be a parent! So, when a company like ivivva, an activewear line for girls, came along and produced an incredible event for girls, I was sold! As a mom, I could use all the help I can get. Even if it’s just for a day.

My girl is having a ball at #ivivva #ivivvasummerfestival @maggiedaleypark #sponsored

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The ivivva Coast to Coast Summer Festival, an event geared to girls aged 6-15 years of age, hits Boston, LA , San Francisco, and Chicago this summer and we were thrilled to attend. The Chicago leg of the summer festival was held at Maggie Daley Park and it turned out to be a very glorious day for my nine-year-old girl! I loved that she’s getting a chance to get more active at one our favorite Chicago spot. The event was kicked-off by the Jesse White Tumblers, followed by yoga, dances, and inspirational talks. That was one of our favorite part of the day. Each of the girls wrote their dreams on their beach balls and in unison they were all told to throw them up in the air. It was a magical moment, and the symbolism of freedom to be who you want to be was the most empowering of all!

My mini-me doing yoga at #ivivva #ivivvasummerfestival at @maggiedaleypark #Chicago #girlfun #sponsored

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Thank you, ivivva! It was truly heartfelt, and I can’t wait for us to attend more of your events.

We had an amazing time at the #ivivvasummerfestival TYSM, #ivivva ! #sponsored

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but all the words and sentiments conveyed are my own.

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