Chicago Welcomed Coast-to-Coast Social Influencers to Create Awareness for #RedNoseDay with Walgreens

My, What Big Nose You Have!
It’s better to poke fun at you, my dear! Yea, that’s right – FUN is the magic word here!

The #RedNose Day is coming to America after it first launched in Britain in 1988. This “National Day of Comedy” has caught on years of success in the UK raising money for charities and it is exciting to finally see it here in the US. Lucky for me, I am honored to be part of a social media group from all around the country to help promote the inaugural US Red Nose Day event. The event will raise money for over a dozen non-profit charities that will help lift children up from poverty and at the same time helping put a smile on everyone’s faces. Go ahead. I dare you to put a red nose on and try hard not to smile or laugh. That’s what makes this project special: it is the internal happiness that follows after the smiles and laughter that surround you.

#RedNoseClub Influencers in Chicago

Here are some ways to get involved and participate:

  • Purchase a #RedNose at any Walgreens. Part of the proceed will go to charity. Red noses are officially on sale exclusively at Walgreens & Duane Reade stores across the country.
  • Donate directly at
  • Watch the 3 hour Red Nose Day Special on May 21st at NBC – It will be a spectacular star-studded event that you don’t want to miss!
  • Help us create the buzz and share our message through all your social platforms. Follow & re-share #RedNose postings on Twitter, Facebook, and or Google+
  • Follow the #RedNoseClub Influencers (including me @mjtam) and watch out for our social shares to learn more:

Dawn Sandomeno, Party Bluprints
Elizabeth Mascali, Party Bluprints
Nicole Feliciano, Mom Trends
Sasha Afanasieff, Social Moms
Whitney Wingerd, Mommies with Style
Desiree Peoples, Mommy Reporter
Natalie Klein, Hollywood Hot Moms Club
Christine Koh, Boston Mamas
Leticia Barr, Tech Savvy Mama

Red_Nose_Day-3Part of our duty in the Red Nose Day Club was to also participate in the filming of the very first Red Nose sale at Walgreens on State St. We all gathered inside Walgreens and patiently waited for the first person to purchase a red nose who was in for a surprise song and dance by comic entertainers. In the next few weeks we will continue in spreading more Red Nose Day news leading to the big day on May 21st. We hope that you’ll continue in following along and we would love to have you join us and participate in having fun and changing lives.

I am compensated to participate in the Red Nose Club Influencer Program with Walgreens. All views are my own.

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