You’re invited to geek-up with us at Abt Electronics

Tech gifts are high on my list this holiday, so what perfect timing to be a part of the Abt Electronics Holiday Gift Guide Blogger Panel taking place this Saturday, November 17th at the Abt Store in Glenview, IL!

We will be previewing some drool-worthy gadgets and gizmos like Rokus, Mophies, Macs, and more that are sure to be the hottest items for all Santas to deliver and fulfill every techno geek’s desires.

We’re also inviting you to come and join us at Abt Electronics – 1200 N. Milwaukee, Glenview, IL. The event starts at 1pm.

Check out my co-panelists and make sure to follow them on Twitter so you can tweet along with us using the hashtag #AbtHoliday

Chris Foreman @foresmac Ars Technica
Marcus LeShock @MarcusLeShock WGN-TV – LeShock Value
NancyLoo  @NancyLoo WGN-TV- Big Tiny World Blog – #ChicagonistaLIVE
Elliott Serrano  @ElliottSerrano RedEye – Geek To Me Blog

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