Vapiano, A New Lincoln Park Restaurant To Check Out

Vapiano opened in Lincoln Park last week and the Chicagonistas attended the launch party. The restaurant is divided in 3 different areas. We entered through the main communal dining area across where the pastas, paninis, pizzas, and tossed salads were freshly made. The restaurant was packed and it took some time for us to figure out how ordering worked. We eventually realized that we can line up per station and picked what we wanted. We feasted on pesto pasta and bread dipped in spicy olive oil. Yum!

The left and right side area of the restaurant had more of a club feel to it. The right side’s sexy vibe in lighting, seating, and bar area was packed with DJ Megan Taylor playing some beats. You can’t tell from the outside but the high-tech fashion feel is definitely within.

2577 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60614

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