Tony Hu on his 4th Chinatown Restaurant

Tony Hu

Chinatown Restaurateur Tony Hu built quite an empire. He just opened his 4th restaurant Lao You Juo and I was happy to tag along with Nancy Loo on the Grand Opening Day. The vibe is definitely different from other Chinese Restaurants in the area. The loungy and sexy ambiance is inviting but the sleek bar is probably what sets it to be so different from all others. His d├ęcor was well thought of from the salt & pepper shakers to the beautiful private room’s chandelier. The food is served in small portions, but big enough to eat and share with a group. The spicy shrimp dish was delish!

Tony Hu also owns Lao Sze Chuan, Lao Shanghai, and Lao Beijing all of which are in Chicago’s Chinatown. Lao Yu Juo2002 S. Wentworth Ave.

L-R MJ Tam, Tony Hu, and Nancy Loo

2 thoughts on “Tony Hu on his 4th Chinatown Restaurant

  1. It looks slick, just what all Lincoln Parkers want… (def not those flourescent light food bars)

    Expensive for what you get. Weird vibe here with the creepy waitstaff who seem to watch you at all times.

    Sorry. It doesn’t work. Just like the menu, its all misunderstood.

    1. WOW! What a Great Experience! The Lounge-like atmosphere is so relaxing compared to some many of the same typical Chinatown Places.

      We had a party of 5, and each of us ordered something different. ALL of the dishes were prepared quick, and had excellent presentation. Each of us LOVED the food! Different style food from Lau Sze Chaun, but just as memorable.

      The waitstaff was attentive and smart, and very friendly!

      Lao You Ju is highly recommended!!


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