The Future is Here at MSI’s Wired To Wear Exhibit

Created by Richard Browning, chief test pilot and founder, this jet suit can travel more than 30 miles per hour and ascend to 12,000 feet.

A 13-year-old inventor, Jordan Reeves, kicked off the opening of Wired To Wear exhibit at the Museum of Science & Industry. Jordan was the featured speaker at the Morning, Makers breakfast and a roomful of young boys and girls attended the event. You would’ve thought you came for a children’s show, but this impressive teen’s invention not only brought joy and delight but the powerful inspiration that anyone can do anything. Jordan was born without a portion of her left arm and designed a prosthetic glitter cannon included at Wired To Wear; a new temporary exhibit showcases how “digital technology is transforming our clothes to enhance our lives.”

Born without a part of her left arm, Jordan Reeves created a prosthetic that can shoot glitter. Now at age 13, she helps run a nonprofit called Born Just Right to help empower kids with limb differences to create their own solutions.

At Wired To Wear, you’ll get to see inventions designed to allow us to live healthier, stronger and safer. “Jackets that help you see in the dark. Wearables that express your emotions like a Jet Suit that can transport you 32 mph at heights of 12,000 feet.” You even get to try and put on the high-tech armor-like Spider Sense Vest that detects how close you are to an object. I can imagine this is useful for the blind, and occupations like firefighters while trying to save others on life-threatening situations.

This exhibit will inspire every one of all ages! Check out the Sneak Peek of the Wired To Wear exhibit video below.
5700 S Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60637

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