Mutianyu Great Wall of China

I bet the Mongol invaders led by Genghis Khan would’ve loved to have rolled in the way I did!

About 37 miles of Beijing lies the Mutianyu portion of the Great Wall spanning across 22 watchtowers in between the valley on both sides of the wall. DoubleTree by Hilton arranged a sidecar motorcycle to take me through rural China and up the entrance to the Great Wall. The Mutianyu village surrounding the Great Wall itself was an interesting sight to see. The villagers grew apricots, pears, and chestnuts even on steep hills. The villagers are descendants of the laborers who built the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall.

Check the rest of the pictures below.  (NOTE:  I am still currently in China and working on getting a video up to show my sidecar ride and on exactly how I got down. I slipped down with a toboggan! Please come and check back here again for the videos.)

It’s how I rolled heading to the Great Wall of China!
The journey to climb up on foot begins
We made it! That’s with my DoubleTree Beijing guide, Kiddy Chen.
A view from a watchtower





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