Ketchum / Sun Valley Winter Travel

DISCLOSURE: This trip is hosted and arranged by Hotel Ketchum. All opinions are my own.

United Airlines just recently launched its non-stop flight from Chicago to SunValley, and it was a perfect opportunity for me to visit Sun Valley for the very first time. On this week-long adventure to Sun Valley, I explored the quaint city of Ketchum while I stayed at three very different Ketchum / Sun Valley hotels. Sun Valley is a bit of a hidden ski town of a gem. It used to be quite troublesome to get to, having to take a couple of flights to get there, but with the new non-stop flights, I’m sure more ski lovers will be heading out that way next.

For a non-skier like me, I had a personal mission to find out what else is out there beyond skiing when looking for some wintry fun. I stayed in three very different, but all were excellent hotels. I also found some spectacular places to dine, and many other fun and entertaining activities to do. I created some links below for you to check out all the places I went around and about in Sun Valley.

Hotels ———-  Restaurants ———-  Galena Lodge ———-  Sun Valley Resort

River Run Day Lodge ———- Museums & Galleries ———- Sun Valley’s Hemingway

Smoky Mountains Milky Way
Photo Credit: Nils Ribi

I am fascinated to learn that Ketchum / Sun Valley sits under the Dark Sky Reserve. It is said that this is the place where you can look up at the sky and watch the beautiful twinkling stars and even witness and watch the milky way on good nights. Sadly, I wasn’t so lucky because my trip landed on the days during the full moon phase, which means the skies will be too bright for me to witness the sparkly skies, just like what you see on this picture on the left.

The Milky Way photograph was taken by Nils Ribi
Instagram: @NilsRibi

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