It Takes a Village to ReVamp My Life

By Stacey Hoffer Weckstein @ Follow her at

Want to know what we are doing during the ReVamp Project? We are coming together as a community of women, moms, and bloggers to improve our lives by putting ourselves back onto our priority lists. We are doing this by focusing on different aspects of our lives including our bodies, nutrition, family, love, wealth, and beauty.

We are bonding as women as we experience our own personal journey towards building the lives we desire. Thanks to Total Results Training, this week we are evaluating the importance of exercise and discovering how we want to incorporate more exercise into our weekly routines.

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We are also bringing to light to the power of community and we’re learning just how much we like exercising together.

The ReVamp Project is an opportunity for women to spend two to three hours a week focusing on getting fit, feeling fabulous, reconnecting with who they are, developing meaningful friendships, and feeling renewed and nourished.

So far, what I love most about the ReVamp Project is owning my commitment to put myself first and seeing the bonding taking place within the ReVamp Project circle.

The women participating in our first ReVamp Project are phenomenal. They come from different parts of Chicagoland, have different stories, different expectations, and different reasons for participating in this eight week journey. These differences enrich the experience and connect us on a deeper and more profound level.

Do you want to connect with like-minded women? Do you want to be within a fun, inspiring, and supportive circle of women as you explore you own personal renewal? Do you want to take action (lots of action) towards getting your fab back?

That’s exactly what we are doing during the fall 2010 ReVamp Project. I hope you follow our triumphs, get inspired, learn something new, and rev up your own life along the way.

Tip of the Day – ReVamp Your Body by Miss Lori

The ReVamp Project fitness bootcamp is sponsored by Total Results Training

Stacey is the Chief Mom Officer of The Mom Renewal Project and Inspiring Social Media and is the co-founder of the ReVamp Project.

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