[Hawaii Video] Nectar Sweetness for the Entire Family!

Since I’m a mom of teens now, I’m consciously watching at what I wear before one of my kid label me as “trying too hard to look cool, young, or hip” (or what’s that word now? DOPE?!)

So the first time I visited the Nectar Sunglasses website, I was a bit intimidated that I may not be the right person to be wearing the very stylish sunglasses from their selection. Surprisingly, my beyond ecstatic teens wanted everything from the website and were happy to choose for their parents. Imagine that! They said to wear it and own it! So we shall! We picked one for each one of us, and we each rocked it our own way.

The whole fam donning our Nectar sunnies!

When the sunglasses first arrived, I was a bit skeptical that they look too “young” for my husband, my tween girl, and me. But, it turned out that we all loved it! Here’s why:

Comfortable Wear
My husband can be very picky when it comes to wearing glasses. We both love that the Nectar Sunglasses are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. No tight hugs on my head that give me headaches.

Stylish Unisex Selections
Although the Nectar Sunglasses website show styles for men and women, my family thinks a lot of the designs can go both ways. In fact, my son loved the Foxie style so much, and that was showing in the women’s section on their website!

I was stunned at how the incredible the prices are for such quality polarized sunglasses! Everything seems to be between $29.99 to $49.99, and they are all Life Guaranteed!

It’s All About The Bees!
With the population of beehives rapidly diminishing, Nectar is donating a portion of every order to The BeeCause. The donations go directly toward purchasing bees for each new hive location.

Did you know that:

  • In 2015 alone a whopping 42% of U.S. bee colonies have perished.

  • ⅓ of our food supply relies on bees

  • A bee colony can populate 300 million flowers a day

  • Bees help account for an economic value of over $10 billion in the U.S. alone

Disclaimer: Nectar Sunglasses provided all the sunglasses. Thoughts and views are my own.

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