Cooking with Anupy Singla and Chicago Cutlery [pics]

It was a gastronomic celebration in Chicago last week. Just as the Chicago Gourmet was about to take place, a richly textured cultural culinary experience was also had by local bloggers. Anupy Singlaan award-winning journalist and once TV and print news reporter has now turned chef  launching her second cookbook Vegan Indian Cooking – 140 Simple and Healthy Vegan Recipes held a Blogger Breakfast hosted by Williams-Sonoma on 900 N. Michigan Ave. Singla made some traditional Indian vegan dishes like roti and tofu omelette for everyone to feast on after her interactive demo. She is also the creator of the Indian Spice Tiffin that is uniquely designed with a spice leveler in each spice tin. She also suggested that this would be perfect for other spices or even for dessert / ice cream sprinkles.

Singla’s  Vegan Indian Cooking  cookbook starts by saying

Eat what you want, but make sure what you eat is real, whole food. And open your mind to all of the possibilities

and a section where it explains commonly used spices in Indian cooking. Her simple approach on healthier cooking has set a friendly tone for anyone venturing into something different and I can’t wait to give this a whirl.

The day before Anupy Singla’s event,  bloggers took a hands-on cooking class focused on sharpening knife skills. A class that is sponsored by the Chicago Cutlery DesignPro at the Cooking Block on Merchandise Mart. Bloggers sharpened their knife skills by learning how to julienne, slice, peel, and cut.


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