Bistec Bar & Grill – A Korean Communal Style Mexican Dining Experience! Say What?

I’ve seen a lot of Social Media buzz on the newly opened Bistec Bar & Grill, but it’s the “Korean-Inspired Mexican Grill” that caught my attention. I’m a big fan of both Korean and Mexican food, and blending both is an undeniably novel idea. It’s unusual in an interesting way. I was skeptical but excited and intrigued to try it out after receiving an invite to join our friends who are related to Bistec Grill’s first-time Restaurant Owner & Chef, Chef Monique.

Chef Monique – Bistec Bar & Grill Restaurant Owner & Chef

As usual, I was with my #ChicagonistaLife partner-in-crime, Nancy Loo, to check out the place. The first thing we noticed walking in the restaurant were the industrial-sized exhaust fans over the grill tables, much like what you see at Korean BBQ restaurants. It happened to be a snowy and cold evening, and so the thought of warmth coming from the grill right on our table was comforting.

Our dinner hosts, Ron & Anita Mark, helped guide us with the menu. To start with, we opted for the Shrimp Skewer and two kinds of Chicken Wings: Pineapple Habanero and Ancho BBQ with Caipirinha and Martinis from the bar. For grilling, our choice of meats were Flank Steaks, Ribeye with Chimichurri and Salmon with dry rub. The grilling came with complimentary side dishes that served like the Korean Banchan: small plates of side dishes. There were pico de gallo, salsa, beans, pickled veggies, cilantro and more served in small stainless steel plates. We also ordered avocadoes and Mexican rice to add with the side dishes. For desserts, we had to have the Flan and the Tres Leches Cake. Overall, the food was delicious and a feast to the eyes!

What appeals to me the most at Bistec Grill is the Communal Dining aspect, much like taking part on a Korean BBQ, the Filipino Kamayan, the Chinese HotPot, or the Louisiana Cajun tradition of Crawfish Broil. Everyone gathers in big tables and at times become part of the making of the food. While the food was the critical element of collecting together, Communal Dining allows for a freer flow of conversation that creates an even more exciting and unforgettable event. Bistec Grill brought this to the Mexican cuisine experience. It was an excellent marriage of both cuisines.

After an incredible night of eating and non-stop gabbing, it’s pretty clear that dining at Bistec Grill is a sure guarantee of a great time. I can’t wait to meet up with more friends there. Great food with great company is always a win-win! Big thanks to Anita & Ron Mark for making this happen and congratulations to Chef Monique on this new venture, and bravo to the forward-thinking concept!

L-R MJ Tam (me), Anita Mark, Chef Monique with son, Nancy Loo, and Ron Mark

Bistec Bar & Grill
1523 N Kingsbury St, Chicago, IL 60642
(312) 929-3182

Live the #ChicagonistaLife with us! Enjoy the food, fun, fashion, and friends with @NancyLoo & @MJTam

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