An Effen Event!

If you know me, you know much I love advertisements. I actually go to the bookstores and browse magazines just to see which ads strike my fancy; yes I skip the articles! Few weeks ago I came across a new Effen campaign and thought that it was the kind of advertisement that I admired: creative, funny and sexy. Take a look at the campaign here.

Well, to my great pleasure I attended an Effen party last night. Guests sipped on signature Effen cocktails like the Green City Gimlet pictured below and nibbled on some tasty bites at the Roof, a gorgeous lounge on top of the Wit hotel. I also learned a thing or two listening to Jonathan Boyer, principal at Farr Associates and the architecture studio head and director of Green Consulting. Mr. Boyer talked about the great plans he has for a greener Chicago. It was a true pleasure hearing him speak.

It  was also a great fun to learn more about Effen. I had no idea that the flavors in it are all natural without any artificial flavors or preservatives. Furthermore it’s so smooth you can have it on the rocks! We got to take home sustainble plants that we only have to water once a month. Yes, that is my ideal pet. I named my plant Joji. Do you like it?

@theLocalTourist @MJTam @SecndCitySoiree @bellewsc @Houseonahillorg and of course one of the great minds behind the event, @CarlyG were there! Here are some pics below and as always entire stream can be viewed on my Flickr!

Sami Ari

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2 thoughts on “An Effen Event!

  • April 27, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    Joji! I Love It! I think I will name mine “Tristan”. As always, good company is half the recipe!

    • April 27, 2010 at 1:39 pm

      Dwana great seeing you and I love that pic of you and MJ!


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