VIP Experience at CMX Cinemas at Old Orchard

Why would someone who lives by downtown Chicago bother driving all the way to Skokie to see a movie? It’s a question I asked myself when I was invited to check out CMX Cinemas.

CMX Cinemas opened two high-end cinema experience and separate theatres inside the Old Orchard Westfield. CMX CineBistro catered to guests 21 years old and up with crafted gourmet menu brought directly to your seats and a full-service bar, and CMX Market Cinema with a Grab-and-go gourmet food experience, a full-service bar, and open to all ages. Both theatres are offering a VIP Experience unlike any other theatres in the Chicagoland area. I was very excited to see it!

As soon as we walked in the CMX Market Cinema, it felt like we entered into a modern boutique hotel lobby. Even my children armed with their smartphones quickly started snapping pics. You should’ve seen my kids when they saw the gourmet menu choices they have that we can bring inside the theatre while watching the movie. I ordered a Pomodorini Pizza and Spinach with Strawberry Salad, and my little girl had a Hot Turkey Salad and paired it with a Strawberry Shake. My teen son couldn’t stop talking about the Short Rib Poutine, and my other boy enjoyed his Market Angus Cheeseburger washed down with a Banana-Peanut Butter Shake.



Inside the theatre, the comfortable reclining seats is built with a swing arm table for dining and also equipped with a USB Port. Perfect for folks to take advantage of charging their phones while watching a movie. Phone usage in theatres are still of course discouraged, but I love how they thought of that convenience. You can continue shopping at Old Orchard after the movies! Clever! I don’t think I’ve ever been this comfortable watching a movie with my family. The kids were happily enjoying their food and watching the Ralph Breaks The Internet movie.

So now I go back to my initial question. Why would someone who lives by downtown Chicago bother driving all the way to Skokie to see a movie? Well, why wouldn’t I?! I get free parking, excellent dining experience, comfortable luxury, and the family is extremely happy to be watching a movie together — a great experience that we will make sure to redo again!

But wait up, because CMX Cinemas is also coming to the Wrigleyville area in 2019!

CMX Cinemas
Westfield Old Orchard
4999 Old Orchard Shopping Center, Skokie, IL 60077
(847) 805-1022


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