Verizon & HTC 10 just gave us a better reason to take more selfies!

Verizon is celebrating the launch of the much-awaited HTC 10 and Chicagonista got to be part of it! So while the Android internet world is buzzing about how impressive the new selfie camera on HTC 10 is, I had an opportunity to be at the Verizon Destination Store on Michigan Avenue to demonstrate on the new device and share some selfie tips with shoppers.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 9.56.22 AM

In preparation for the event, I took some time to play with an HTC 10 device on my own. I’m instantly pleased with the shots on the selfie mode. They were so clean and sharp! Color me impressed. This is due to the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) built in on the camera. I’m also surprised to see a PRO mode that I’ve never seen on any mobile phone cameras before. With this, you can manually adjust the balance, exposure, ISO, and more. I also tried taking shots in the evening with very low light and compared it my iOS device’s output. The HTC 10 was by far more impressive on picture sharpness. It got me even more excited to show shoppers on what this new baby can do!

IMG_0644-2Shoppers had a chance to win HTC backpacks, picnic blankets, bag / cord organizers, and for the big HTC10 prize package including the device and some accessories. To win, contestants had to take a selfie for mom or with mom and upload on Twitter or Instagram and using the event’s official hashtag #MomAndMeVZCHI #Verizon and #HTC10. I, of course, wanted to help them win by giving them a couple of my tips:IMG_0626

Posing Tip : Chin down, show your best side of your face and most importantly, exude confidence!. Make sure the camera is angled just a bit above eye level and keep it close— don’t extend your arm too high.

Lighting Tip: Find your light! Use natural light whenever possible. From indoors, take selfies by the window – but make sure it’s in front of you rather than behind you. From outdoors, find a spot away from the direct sun, so you’re not staring into the sun

Editing Tip: Crop in tight! Backgrounds can be distracting; you can eliminate these problems by cropping tight on your face in the shot or making sure your background is dynamic and not distracting.

Posing Tip: Don’t put yourself in the very middle of the frame or it’ll look like a passport or DMV driver’s license photo. Play with raising one your shoulders higher than the other and angle your head a bit to create a little more excitement.

Beth Rosen on her selfie game!

Beth Rosen, my #ChicagonistaLIVE Show co-host, joined in on the selfie fun and took a look at the rest of the selfie entries during the event.


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