United Polaris revolutionize the business travel experience from “lounge to landing”

img_6793United just launched Polaris, an elevated service for weary business travelers. They built an experience that will maximize comfort and sleep before, during, or after their flight. Chicago O’Hare is one of the first Polaris Lounge that opened Dec. 1st, and it has truly redefined what an airline lounge should be. Long gone are the days when all you do in an airline lounge is just sit and wait for your flight in the confines of a more private room and way beyond the expectation of getting good Wi-Fi and a comfortable seat.

At the Polaris Lounge, there were Relaxation Suites complete with a day bed, Saks Fifth Avenue beddings, tea service, and chocolates. A Shower Suite with Cowshed Spa Products and Saks Fifth Avenue towels and any other travel essentials you need like toothbrush, combs, etc. Concierge services are also available.

The Restaurant-style dining and Premium bar are both beyond what you’ve every seen at any airline lounge before! Now it includes a restaurant-style menu developed by award-winning Chef Art Smith, and Cocktails curated and crafted by renowned mixologist, Adam Seger.

The Polaris In-flight experience is no different. The Business class section now has a custom designed pod. Each pod will have a direct aisle access and all seats recline into bed with mood lighting and a Do Not Disturb sign. Beddings are by Saks Fifth Avenue and Cowshed for spa products.

United Polaris business class will also experience a delicious menu created in partnership with chefs from The Trotter Project, and the wine selections curated by a master sommelier. 1900 new food and beverage altogether.



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