The Mountain City of Wanzhou, China

Four hours drive northwest from the big city of of Chongqing comes to Wanzhou formerly called Wanxian. My host DoubleTree by Hilton Chongqing Wanzhou had a great list of must see places and LuAn Bridge was one of on the itinerary.

As we climbed up and down the mountains to reach the LuAn Bridge and the Great Falls, I was suddenly brought to a world that I can only imagine. Words cannot describe the emotions I felt. I was scared and excited all at the same time. Almost child-like in awe with it all.

The LuAn Bridge was built during the tenth year of Emperor Tongzhi of Qing Dynasty (1871). It is a single-arch stone bridge with the horizontal arch structure. Behind the Great Falls curtain is a lush greenery and a Quan Yin Temple that inside holds a thousand year old Quan Yin statue.  The bridge and falls are surrounded by the rural mountains of Wanzhou, China. Being there gave me a mystical sort of emotion that I will never forget. I feel like I should revisit this place to fully grasp the entire experience.

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Wanzhou, China | #DTour @mjtam
Wanzhou, China | #DTour @mjtam
Vandals! Wanzhou, China | #DTour @mjtam
The Lu An Bridge – Wanzhou, China | #DTour @mjtam

Instagram pic taken from the top of LuAn Bridge overlooking the Great Falls

Wanzhou, China | #DTour @mjtam
Wanzhou, China | #DTour @mjtam
Wanzhou, China | #DTour @mjtam

Instagram Video showing beneath the Great Falls

Wanzhou, China | #DTour @mjtam
Wanzhou, China | #DTour @mjtam
Wanzhou, China | #DTour @mjtam
Wanzhou, China | #DTour @mjtam
Wanzhou, China | #DTour @mjtam
Wanzhou, China | #DTour @mjtam

Instagram pic of our climb up to the mountain coming from beneath the Great Falls

Wanzhou, China | #DTour @mjtam

Disclaimer: I am one of the official #DTourist with DoubleTree by Hilton and currently traveling Asia. I am compensated as part of the #DTour program but thoughts are entirely my own.

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