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As the parents of a one year old, regular date nights have quickly become a thing of the past for my husband and me.  For one thing, we really enjoy spending time as a family, so we rarely plan things for just the two of us.  Also, my husband’s job requires nights at the theatre, symphony, etc., so oftentimes we can combine a work night and a date night.  Lastly, in order to go on a date now we have to get (and PAY!) for a sitter.  Suddenly date nights cost more!

So we were thrilled when a new movie theatre opened near us!  Showplace Icon Theatre is located off of Roosevelt behind Target in the South Loop.  Not only does this theatre offer movies, they also have a lounge with a great menu of yummy drinks and starters.  Like any movie theatre they have a concession stand with regulars like popcorn and soda, but if you’re interested in paying a little more, you can also take cocktails into select movie!

My husband and I tried out Icon Theatre a couple of weeks ago.  We arrived a little early so we could have a snack and drink in the lounge.  It was so nice to be able to have a little “dinner”/movie date without having to trek from location to location.  Having everything under one roof was super-convenient and meant we didn’t have to be away from our little one quite as long.

And even though it’s a movie theatre, the food was good!  We sampled a meat and cheese plate and everything on it was delicious.  My husband also had a tasty panini.  Even though they make sure to get your food to you quickly so you don’t miss your movie, this is definitely NOT fast food!  (You can see their menu here.)

Once we were in the theatre we were so happy to have reserved seats (no asking people to scoot down so we can sit together!) in roomy, comfy chairs!  The aisles are wide enough to stretch out and were nice and clean (no sticking to the old soda and candy on the floor!)

Just last week I visited Showplace Icon again with some girlfriends to see the ultimate chick flick, Sex and the City II.  We stopped by the lounge first and were excited to find that the bar had created specialty drinks for the movie.  I had the “Carrie” (basically a Cosmo) and it was yummy!

So far I’ve only been to Showplace Icon twice, but each time I have been so impressed with the lounge, the staff and the space as a whole.  If you’re looking for something to make movie night a little more fun, a little more special, definitely give Showplace Icon a try!

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