Work & Play at Pinstripes

Pinstripes Bowling, Bocce, & Bistro - South Barrington, IL

Tuesdays are special days for my kids. They get to play bowling, bocce, and eat delicious burgers while I get to concentrate with work in a big comfy couch while served with a refreshing mojito and yummy food.

For a bunch of city slickers, Pinstripes Bistro in South Barrington is one place outside Chicago that I purposely take my kids to. What gives? Well, first the $2 burger Tuesdays. But altogether, it is really a place where I can mix the work and play scenario with my family. That’s besides the free parking, the free wifi, the delicious menu, the friendly staff, bowling, bocce, and the free cheesecake with any foursquare check-ins!

Photos by: Lahleyoo

Free Cheesecake on Foursquare Check-ins!

2 thoughts on “Work & Play at Pinstripes

  1. This place is awesome! I love being able to bring my kids, eat great food, get some work done thanks to free wifi!! The ambiance is incredible…what more could you ask for in a fame friendly fun place! Love love the photos you captured!!

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