Peapod is how I’m winning Summer!


The family summer busy-ness is in full force, and creating exciting dinners has been challenging. I need to make sure that our family always make an effort to sit down and take a moment to enjoy a great dinner at least once or twice a week. But with all the fun running around and work added on to that, I am often too tired to create something different for dinner.

So I was excited to check out Peapod in collaboration with Mark Bittman‘s recent cookbook, Dinner for Everyone! I had to try Bittman’s Brown Butter Salmon recipe. Right from Peapod recipe page, everything I need to make the meal was there for me to click and order. I also had to specify the date and time I am available to receive the items. The items came on time, and making the Salmon dish was easy peasy, and my family loved it! I will be making this again soon.

Peapod also offers meal kits to make dinner easy for everyone. All meal kits are easy to click on with one button, and you will receive pre-measured, pre-chopped, and fresh ingredients.

There were plenty of meal kits to choose from but had to try the Sweet and Savory Pork Tacos by Frontera. I love how you can directly cook the meal like I had an assistant prepped everything for me. The directions sheet that came with the items were easy to follow, and I prepared a delicious and complete meal for my family. I was impressed to see that a sheet of parchment paper to line my baking tray also came along with the delivery!

All this sounds so easy and simple, but you would never think that after seeing and tasting the meals. THIS is how I’m winning my summer. What about you?

Want to try for your own?
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Some Peapod facts:
Peapod has no required membership fee. Delivery fee ranges from $6.95-$9.95. Peapod also offers an optional subscription service called PodPass which gives subscribers unlimited free delivery and pick-up for one low price with three months, six months, and 12 months option.

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