Mario Tricoci shows you how to put on a happy face!

By: Melanie Myatt

Every day I drag my weary body out of bed and go into the bathroom.  As I look in the mirror, I ask myself, “How am I supposed to turn this face into something presentable this morning?”

Besides the ravages caused by age, sleeplessness (thanks a lot, kids!) and worry, my biggest problem as I look in the mirror is a lack of confidence.  I have the basic tools:  brushes, blushes, shadows, liners and sticks.  But the questions fill my mind as I go to work:  is this the right color?  how much should I use?  did I put this in the right place?

Mario Tricoci offered us a chance to learn to have confidence as we “put on our face” each morning and even as we update for evening.  Aga talked me through each step as she transformed me from “blah” and haggard to dewy and fresh.  She showed me the right color palette for my skin tone, talked me through proper amounts and placement and use to highlight any positive features I might have and enhance the features I don’t have.

As we talked to Mario Tricocci‘s executive, Amanda, she explained that their goal in every area of service at the salon is to help women feel educated.  Bring in your makeup bag and let them go through it with you.  I was surprised to discover that even some of my cheap, over-the-counter makeup was acceptable, so they aren’t just trying to get you to buy from their selection.  Getting a haircut?  Let them teach you how to blow-dry your hair in a way that will be most flattering for you.  Whatever area of service you choose, the staff aims to educate, not just offer a service.

This morning as I stumbled from my bedroom to the bathroom, I wasn’t so dismayed by the face I saw in the mirror.  I laid out my tools with confidence.  A little smoothing, some brushing and a pucker later, I left my bedroom feeling a lot more confident to face the world.

I received a free makeover and lesson courtesy of Mario Tricoci salon. Regardless, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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