Little Branch Cafe

I have a confession.  I don’t drink coffee.

I know.  GASP!

I’ve never liked the taste and I far prefer Diet Dr. Pepper for my caffeine fix.  (Because I’m classy like that.)

I don’t like coffee…but I love coffeehouses.  I love the smell of coffee (just not the taste!), the yummy muffins, cookies, etc. that are usually available at coffeehouses and just the general vibe of a coffeehouse.

So I was delighted when a playgroup outing led me to Little Branch Cafe in the South Loop.  To call Little Branch Cafe a coffeehouse may be simplifying it a little.  It’s really a coffeehouse/cafe/bar/restaurant all rolled into one.

Located at 1251 S Prairie Avenue, this cozy spot is perfect for your morning cup of joe, an afternoon snack with the girls or a romantic dinner with your sweetie.  The coffee (I’ve been told) is very good and from local roastery Metropolis.  The baked goods are delicious and are either made in-house or delivered fresh and their main courses use seasonal fruits and veggies and “focus on the overall palate of the dish to create a memorable flavor.” (From the Little Branch Cafe website.)

The first time I visited Little Branch I was with a bunch of moms and little kiddos in the middle of the day.  I was immediately pleased with the atmosphere.  It’s no fancy-shmancy restaurant, but it’s also not McDonald’s Playland.  The staff was very accommodating and kind to all of the children and made us all feel very welcome.

We all had snacks–muffins, cookies, gelato–and everything was quite good.  I’ve since been back with my husband and baby and again the service was wonderful and the food delicious!  I have not had dinner there yet, but the dinner and wine/drinks menu look wonderful.  I know we will be back to try it out SOON.  (They have a grilled cheese sandwich with bread fried in Cheez-It’s.  Yes, please!)  And lucky for us, it’s all within walking distance of our home.

Check out Little Branch Cafe’s website for more info (and some beautiful, eye-candy shots of their food.)  And then stop by and try them out.  You’ll be glad you did.

Even if, like me, you don’t even drink coffee!

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