Kuala Lumpur – An Unforgettable Experience in Malaysia


I spent four full days in Malaysia, my last #DTour stop ending my 31 nights in Asia. I was exhausted by the time I hit Kuala Lumpur but my host DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur had done a fantastic job with my itinerary and I couldn’t wait to get started!

Looking back now, Malaysia was the perfect end to my #DTOUR travel. Having to pass through China and India first, I had a much better view on what Malaysia was all about. The main three ethnic cultures of Malay, Chinese, and Indians were all living in harmony whether it be in religion, food, or culture. They speak their native Malay language but you’ll hear each one of them also speaking in their own native tongues. Not to mention that they speak and write in English fluently, so traveling as an American in Malaysia is pretty easy. All the infusions and diversity was a bit mind boggling in the beginning but it all made sense after spending some time with the wonderful staff of @DoubleTreeKL.

There are so much to say about my trip here in Malaysia so I  divided them in to a couple of posts. Make sure you check on the following posts below. But first, check out the unforgettable staff of @DoubleTreeKL below.

DoubleTree Kuala Lumpur Staff & Care Committee | #DTour @mjtam
After dinner picture with the DoubleTree Kuala Lumpur Staff & Care Committee | #DTour @mjtam

Meet Rozai Zakaria. Not only was I lucky to have him as my fabulous daily tour guide but I came to know him as a loving dad too! He is the the recent recipient of the Glittering Star of Kuala Lumpur Hotels Award 2014. Rozai proudly explained to me that the DoubleTree CARE program means Creating A Rewarding Experience and @DoubleTreeKL is doing just that.  Thanks to Rozai’s effort in organizing events that gives back to their community, programs like Books for Care,  participating in the Save Our Rainforest Race, and just recently the  #CookieCare – Thanking Teachers in a Local School in Malaysia – an event I am so proud to be included in. And I thank you, Rozai – for your dedication to DoubleTree’s care effort. Your award is well deserved!

Award winning smile by Rozai Zakaria | @DoubleTreeKL | #Dtour | @mjtam
@DoubleTreeKL | #Dtour | @mjtam
@DoubleTreeKL | #Dtour | @mjtam
@DoubleTreeKL | #Dtour | @mjtam
with Rozai & Stephy – @DoubleTreeKL | #Dtour | @mjtam
@DoubleTreeKL | #Dtour | @mjtam
Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 6.31.55 AM
Best guides ever! @DoubleTreeKL | #DTour @mjtam

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