Katie Couric and Chicago

A different light casted on Katie Couric during our talk. To me she’s always been the hardcore newswoman that is on the very top of her game and just when you think she’s done it all, then she does it again. After anchoring CBS Evening News and the TODAY show, yesterday she launched her new syndicated talk show, Katie.

During Katie Couric’s quick stop here in Chicago over a week ago, I got to sit on a one-on-one interview at the ABC studio office. She was sweet and very easy to talk to. I learned that both her parents met in Chicago and had her share of touring deep dish pizza places, trying mustard on her hotdog, and even mentioned trying some Chicago popcorn which I assumed our city’s much-loved Garrett Popcorn.

“It was a natural step for me to take” was her response when I asked how the idea of the talk show came to light after doing what seems like reaching the peak in her career. Right there is when I saw a different side of Katie. The one that spoke to me as a woman, a mother, and a friend. It is probably the same feeling The Oprah Show did to so many women here in Chicago and beyond. Maybe the longing for this kind of show will finally be filled.

All month-long the show “Katie” celebrate women who are reinventing themselves. I will be watching the show for sure!

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  1. I don’t typically dig these types of shows, but after reading this and the posts Jenny Lawson has done, sharing tidbits about the Katie episode she was featured on, I’m thinking I might really dig Katie! 🙂

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