It Starts With ONE Mom!

Do you know it only takes ONE Mom?

With over 2 million members worldwide, has compiled its resources to make huge dents in fighting extreme poverty and disease.

Engaging policy makers is one of the tools utilizes. Their latest campaign, #ONEMOMS, is buzzing around the world. Beginning July 27th 10 Mom Bloggers from the United States journeyed to Kenya. They met moms from Africa during a 5 day petition. The aim of this? Drawing the attention of the public and world leaders to the prolific challenges faced by families on the world’s largest continent. Africa has long been a focus because of its beauty and great troubles. ONE ‘s powerful trip took the influence of all moms and their desire to make their communities better. Moms from the United States sharing with moms in Africa. What a beautiful, passionate exchange.

Chicagonistas let’s syncopate like never before. Let’s end mother to child HIV transmission by 2015, let’s end diseases like tuberculosis, build initiatives, fund farming, and make sure that every woman, man, and child drinks clean water. If we listen and act, we can change the world. is not a charity but an advocate for programming funded by foundations. Get involved today.

You can learn more about the 10 mom bloggers trip to Kenya, here.

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