First #DTour Day in Beijing China: Forbidden City [pics & video]


One of my first #DTour Asia stop in China is in Beijing. In the center of Beijing lies Forbidden City. Built in 1406-1420 and once was the Imperial Palace, the permanent home to the 24 Emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in China. There were 90 palaces and courtyards, 980 buildings, and 8,704 rooms. Eventually the Qing Dynasty was overthrown in the Revolution of 1911. The Palace Museum is now open to public for 40 RMB and that’s about $7 in US dollars.

In 1949, the People’s Republic of China was proclaimed at Tian’anmen Square. Today Chairman Mao’s picture overlooks the square on the Gate of Heavenly Peace wall of the Forbidden City.

My DoubleTree Beijing Guide, Kiddy Chen in front of the Heavenly Gate of the Forbidden City now with Chairman Mao’s picture facing Tian’anmen Square.


Forbidden City Palace ceiling details
Massive door entries all over the Forbidden City
Carved stones on bridges in Forbidden City

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Disclaimer: I am one of the official #DTourist with DoubleTree by Hilton and currently traveling Asia. I am compensated as part of the #DTour program but thoughts are entirely my own.

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