Finding Mom through the ReVamp Project

The kids are back in school, and so MOMS can get herself back! Chicagonista partnered with Mom Renewal on an upcoming ReVamp Project and we’re inviting other Chicago Mom Bloggers to join us and secure a spot. We are gathering 10 mom bloggers and we only have a couple spaces left.

This 2 month long project will come with fitness, finance, health & nutrition, style & beauty components. This could be the first step ( a big step) into getting your self back, or maybe, make this as an extra step to feel even more fabulous. Do it for yourself, because we all know that a good mom is a healthy mom! Don’t worry, you don’t need to weigh in or divulge any size etc. That is completely up to you. What we want is that you’ll document and write about your journey and hopefully inspire more women / moms. You can even bring your lil’ ones if you have to. 🙂

We will have field experts to help guide us on the following: (All our experts will be announced by next week)

  • 1 month of Fitness Bootcamp (3x a week – 4 weeks total)
  • A beauty event (a one time – 2 hour session)
  • A finance event (a one time – 2 hour session)
  • A dental / health event (a one time – 2 hour session)
  • A fashion / styling event (a one time – 2 hour session)
  • A nutrition event ( 2-3 hour session)
  • Possibly a contest for the best all-around result in the end…depending on the sponsorship prizes we gather.

All participating bloggers has to blog (video would be great too) at every event in Chicagonista that can be cross-posted to your own blog and at the end you must have an original recap piece in Chicagonista.

Interested? Fill up the Interest Form here. DUE Sept. 3rd!

* Fitness Bootcamp will start mid ( or maybe late) September starting with the Fitness Bootcamp, daytime by expressway, west of loop ( Eckhart Park – really good parking!)
M, W, F – 1 hr. for 4 weeks
10-11am or 6-7 pm

* All other events will be scheduled during the weekend or evenings.

Hope you’ll join us!

6 thoughts on “Finding Mom through the ReVamp Project

  1. Wow! I wish I could join. Unfortunately,I can only participate in spirit, all the way from the other side of the world. Have fun, all the ladies who have the privilege of joining!

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