Experience Hot Bamboo Fusion Massage at Mario Tricoci

A revolutionary concept in massage called Hot Bamboo Fusion Massage has made its way to Chicago and Mario Tricoci salons and spas are the first ones to take on.

I sat down with Julie Moore of Toronto, Canada for a small interview before experiencing the luxurious session at Mario Tricoci’s Michigan Ave. location.  Julie Moore  was the first to practice Bamboo Fusion Massage in Canada and she’s here in Illinois instructing all of Mario Tricoci’s top Massage Therapists on the new Bamboo Fusion Massage techniques. She talked a little about  Nathalie Cecelia who created Bamboo Fusion Massage in 2005. “It is now quickly becoming one of the most preferred deep tissue and relaxation techniques in the massage industry since Hot Stone.” This wonderful luxurious full body treatment uses warm bamboo tools designed for relaxation or deep tissue work. I strongly recommend that if you love deep tissue massages, you will absolutely enjoy this! I sure did.

Each handcrafted bamboo stick is used to glide smoothly over the body.  A professional heating pad is used to heat the bamboo for up to 160 degrees. The sticks retain heat and provide maximum comfort as they are applied with pressure and movement to tight muscles. With the cold weather outside and holiday stress, you should most definitely go and run to your nearest Mario Tricoci! This is a perfect gift to give your special someone this holiday.

Julie Moore, Zen Shiatsu Therapist and Mario Tricoci's Bamboo Fusion Massage Trainer
Bamboos in varying sizes
Before the session

Disclosure: I received a complimentary session from Mario Tricoci but the views and opinions expressed here are purely the my own.

2 thoughts on “Experience Hot Bamboo Fusion Massage at Mario Tricoci

  1. Hi, im in the chicago area and would love to try one of these, is there a particular spa? are there any complimentary offerings?

  2. If your in Buffalo, NY you can receive Bamboo Fusion from myself at Massage Therapeutic Arts 160 North St., Buffalo, NY

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