Eating and Cooking at the Taste of Chicago!

The Taste of Chicago is in full force and yesterday I had the opportunity  to join in on the fun and cook for the crowd.

Under the Dominick’s Cooking Corner demo tent, a company dedicated to healthy living for families called Zisboombah held a Fourth of July BBQ makeover so you can enjoy the holiday food avoiding the unnecessary guilt on eating the wrong stuff.

Lucky for me, I was the guest sidekick to Chef Patrick Williams who also introduced his very own specialty, Grandpa Boo’s BBQ Sauce. And for the crowd, he created a healthier sauce using Agave Syrup for sweetness. We also made some bean and fruit salad that I can’t wait to try at home. Zisboombah will be posting those recipes on their website.

I'm tasting Chef Williams' bean salad. Sidekicks always get to taste the food! Photo Courtesy of Zisboombah
Photo courtesy of Zisboombah

You should definitely hit the Cooking Corner this Saturday because Zisboombah is hosting an Iron Chef-style Pick Chow! Across America cook-off at 1:30 PM. Another Chicago Chef, Ryan Hutmacher of The Centered Chef will be cooking for the toughest culinary critics around: Kids!

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