Chocolate at the Pen Celebrate a Decade of Decadence

Examples of Chocolate at The PenThe Chocolate at the Pen‘s 10 year anniversary introduces Chocolate Sommelier – a new experience to delight guests with the ever popular premier “Chocolate Bar”. For $50 you can indulge in a full Chocolate Bar experience and receive a delicious chocolate martini or a glass of sparkling wine or you can choose to add $20 for dessert if you are dining at The Lobby. The Chocolate Bar is only available on Fridays & Saturdays so be sure to call for a reservation.

All your senses will be treated with the elegant space, live music, and all the chocolate smoothness.

Chocolate at The Pen Martini

Here are some Instagram photos from the media event:

About The “Chocolate Sommelier”

Specifically introduced in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of “Chocolate at The Pen,” The Chocolate Sommelier provides elevated detail to the decadent experience by offering information and details about the chocolate, as well as making personalized hot chocolate concoctions! First, guests make selections of white, milk, dark and extra dark chocolate as well as cinnamon, cayenne and vanilla sugar spices. Adding different spices or a dash of Grand Marnier or Kahlúa to the hot chocolate gives an added depth to the hot chocolate. Executed while the guest waits, the chocolate is melted in a miniature copper pot and served their very own personalized, delicious chocolate experience!

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