Chicagonista Holiday Party with Friends @ Bella Luna [pics]

The annual Chicagonista Holiday Party was held this past Saturday at Bella Luna Cafe. Thanks to our sponsor, we were able to invite all of our good friends to cheer in the holidays. Jim Silver, Time To Play’s Editor-In-Chief also known as the Toy Expert was there to welcome everyone and gave good cheer by handing out over 30 of the top People’s Choice hottest toys this season to our drawing winners. Below are some of our favorite pictures. You can view the rest of the official pictures here: Chicagonista Holiday Pics. All copyright pictures were taken by

L-R Beth Rosen, MJ Tam, Paul Ruffin (aka McDiddy), Nancy Loo, Duong Sheahan
L-R Melissa Pierce, Melisa Wells, Jeannie Walters, Barbara Rozgonyi, Duong Sheahan, Beth Rosen
MJ Tam & Dwana De La Cerna
L-R Miss Lori, MJ Tam, Nancy Loo, Adam & Renee Keats
Mana Ionescu, Liz Strauss
Meagan Burnt, Paige Worthy, Lisa Pugliese
Chicagonista LIVE! girls
L-R Sevila Schiml, Amy Choi, Elisa Moy, Sami Ari, Beth Rosen, Anita Mark, Linda Dobson
L-R Mana Ionescu, Parissa Behnia, JD Mafiahairdresser, Barbara Rozgonyi, Beth Rosen
L-R Dawn Bertuca, Rita Pacenta, Cynthia Wheeler, MJ Tam
Lisa Ghisolf, Theresa Carter, Cara Carriveau
Meagan Burnt, Amy Mueller

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