Chicago Scholars Opened Up a Big New Space to Facilitate Growth in Program

CNN Money recently reported that “The massive gap in college graduation rates between rich and poor is growing even wider.” I don’t think anyone is any less surprised about this, but it is still troubling to hear. Thanks to Chicago Scholars, they are here to identify those deserving students and advocate for them.

“Our 7-year success program is an economic strategy for our city, offering under-resourced students access and support to not only get accepted into college, but to graduate, find internships and begin their leadership journey right here in our city.” Dominique Jordan Turner, President & CEO of Chicago Scholars

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 3.57.57 AMThe Chicago Scholars organization is all about helping high school students starting from their junior year in high school in maneuvering the college application process. Adult mentors are available to help the students research and fill-out college applications. By the time these students are in their senior year, they are done with their application process. The organization also has over 100 college institution partners and annually around October these partners come and interview Chicago Scholars students before anybody else in the nation. Each student interviews with up to 5 colleges and admission acceptances are made right away. It is these kind of relationships that the Chicago Scholars can bring to their vetted students.

The Chicago Scholars organization just opened a new 11,000 square-foot facility at 247 S. State St. in an effort to grow their program to 1000 underserved Chicago students to make it through college. There will be 425 students in the Chicago Scholars program this year. The new space will serve as the students’ resource facility to help them with their college admissions process and maintain their contact throughout their mentorship program.

Jordan Turner emphasized that the program is available to every high school in every neighborhood. It is a Chicago-based organization that she calls as an “economic investment in our city”. Their mission is to get their students admitted to a college with the hopes that when these students graduate from college, they will then be back to work and live in Chicago. Jordan-Turner said that this is what sets them apart from any other mentorship program.

Click here to check out the video tour of Chicago Scholars.

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