Chicago Riverwalk: An Urban Oasis in the heart of the city ( #ChiRiverwalk Directory)

“Urban Oasis” is what you would commonly hear from Chicago residents when asked to describe the Chicago Riverwalk. This urban oasis is an unexpected destination for many who comes and visit Chicago’s downtown more known for its historical skyscrapers. For the last few years now, the city has been taking great strides in redesigning and cultivating a more vibrant culture around its Chicago River waterways. Beautiful parks and boathouses have been popping up from as far north and as far south that the Chicago River flows, but the most popular and most noticeable of all is the 1.25 miles of the downtown Chicago Riverwalk. The Chicago Riverwalk is now a transformed accessible riverfront that harmonizes the needs of people, businesses, and nature. This urban oasis is intuitive, productive, and from what I learned is environmentally sustainable. I admit, even from someone who works a just few blocks of the Chicago Riverwalk, I’ve underestimated the many ways I can utilize its surroundings.

Tourists and residents alike will both enjoy a big variety of restaurants and recreational water activities. There you will also see people enjoying their own boxed lunches, joggers, bikers, a group fishing, and even families with their little kids enjoying the water fountains.

Here are the many ways you can do at the Chicago Riverwalk: (Full Directory)


Angling for more fun? Go fishing! It’s allowed at the Riverwalk. You must have a license, though. Get yours here,

Dock your own boats on an hourly dockage at the Downtown Docks between the State/Dearborn Bridges and LaSalle/Wells Bridges.
27 W. Riverwalk South

Chicago Riverwalk is still working on launching pop-up play areas for FAMILIES / KIDS, but in the meantime, the little ones can enjoy the zero-depth water play fountains in front of Frost Gelato.


Click here for all the info on these services below –
Chicago Brewhouse
City Winery Chicago at the Riverwalk
Frost Gelato
Island Party Hut
O’Brien’s Restaurant & Bar
Tiny Tapp & Cafe
The Northman Beer and Cider Garden


TOUR (on water):
Click here for all the info on these services below – ‎
Chicago Water Taxi
Urban Kayaks
Chicago’s First Lady Cruises
Chicago Cycleboats
Mercury Skyline Cruises
Wendella Sightseeing

TOUR (on foot):
Chicago Greeter
Free Tours on Foot


Beginning this fall, the Chicago Riverwalk will become the prime location for the enjoyment of Art on theMART, a large-scale lighting installation projected across nearly three acres of the southern facing façade of theMART, the building formerly known as The Merchandise Mart.

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