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Pea shoot and fennel salad at Terzo Piano Social Sami


I’ve mentioned in another post how excited I was about trying Terzo Piano‘s Pea Shoot & Shaved Fennel salad, offered in their restaurant week menu and was full of glee to try the other items in their $22, 3 course lunch offering. Before I go on, let me mention that as soon as I was done with lunch I went back to the hostess and asked her if there were any openings for the next day. That’s how satisfied and happy I was with Terzo. It really is my favorite restaurant that I’ve hit during Chicago’s restaurant week. Pea shoot and fennel salad at Terzo Piano Social Sami

For the appetizer, I of course had the Pea shoot and fennel salad with fresh goat’s milk cheese and creamy tarragon dressing. It was fresh, filling and I absolutely loved the crunchiness of the fennel and softness of the goat’s milk cheese. Not in a salad mood? Then check out the red beet soup with lavender creme fraiche and toasted wheat berries. That ought to paint a smile on your face.

The hand crafted pappardelle with beef Bolognese and parmesan was a perfect follower to the salad. You also had a choice of Sesame crusted Great Lakes whitefish with charmoula vinaigrette and cucumber salad for the main course. The pasta was very well seasoned and was happy that it wasn’t covered in overwhelming amount of parmesan. Although, I’m sure the whitefish would have been just as good.

Blueberry cobbler at Terzo Piano by Social Sami

I once heard someone say that without dessert there is no life and I couldn’t have agreed more! I consider myself very picky when it comes to desserts. That’s why when I say that the blueberry cobbler with buttermilk ice cream was amazing, I mean it! It was the sort of moment where you stop talking with your lunch mate and drift away to a faraway land where complete bliss surrounds you. It’s worth the trip on it’s own to Terzo. If you don’t have a big sweet tooth then you can opt for the ten year aged cheddar with sugared bacon walnuts

Don’t be afraid, if you can’t catch a reservation to Terzo Piano. I was told that most items I tried will most likely carry-over to the regular menu after restaurant week. If you can’t go in the next few days then you must go there the next moment (or two hours) you can spare for a lovely meal with a great view!

59 E monroe st
Chicago, IL 60603
(312) 443-8650

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