Brazil meets Chicago at Nacional 27’s Carnaval


From March 4th till March 8th, Nacional 27 is celebrating Carnaval with scrumptious Brazilian inspired food and drinks. If you haven’t been there yet then this is the perfect time to visit Nacional. I had the pleasure of treating my taste buds to few of their very delicious special items from the menu for the occasion. It’s definitely worth the trip now especially with all the colorful decor. If you can’t make it before March 8th, don’t worry! You can still enjoy the fantastic food and cocktails at Nacional 27!

Go ahead and feel free to start with the strawberry caipirinha. After all, there’s no reason to be  disappointed with fresh crushed strawberries, rum, basil and limes. It is indeed *the* crowd pleaser! Pair that with empanadas de queso that are made with pepper jack cheese, pecorino romano cheese, idiazabal cheese and pickled jalapenos. Yes, that many types of cheese makes it even better!

There are few other options on the special Carnaval menu. For food, feel free to dig into the feijoada. Described as a Brazilian classic, made with smoked sausage, duck sausage, beef, pork, chick, chorizo, peppers and black beans. Are you drooling yet? If not then surely the strawberry-basil mojito will do the trick. Go on, celebrate Carnaval. The Nacional 27 way!

For more information, check out Nacional 27’s website.

All photos are courtesy of Nacional 27.

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