An Evening of Beauty at Mario Tricoci

Mario Tricoci, a day spa and hair salon located in 900 N. Michigan Ave. sponsored a much needed beauty revamp evening for moms. It is just so perfect that after going through life changing ReVamp Project sessions these past 2 months, the ReVamp-ers were ready for some pampering and relaxation.

Each mom received a full make-up makeover starting with a little evaluation on what’s already in our make-up bag. We learned on what items should go, on rebuilding our bags, on creating an emergency makeup kit, and on always having a touch up bag.

We’ve learned that products over one year old should be tossed as well as learning how not to keep a stash of lip gloss or multiples of products that you have not touched in a long time. Instead, we’re told to have three types of makeup bags: a full kit for home, an emergency kit, and a touch up bag for a quick refresh.

For the actual makeup makeover, Mario Tricoci used their custom-blended products. All their makeup from foundations, to powders, to lipsticks can be custom blended for their customers. The ReVamp Project Moms left looking and feeling pretty fabulous! Thanks to Mario Tricoci.

By the way, Tricoci just launched and introduced the Bamboo Fusion Massage experience. If you are a fan of deep tissue massages, this one’s for you. Heated bamboo shoots are used to glide across your body for a soothing and energizing result. This is an exclusive Tricoci service available in all their salons and spas.

Makeover Session - Lisa Hanneman, Melanie Myatt
Melanie Myatt
L-R Bottom: Maria Ramos, Stacey Weckstein, MJ Tam Top: Lisa Hanneman, Melanie Myatt
ReVamp Project Leads: MJ Tam and Mom Renewal's Stacey Weckstein

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