A Quality Sushi Destination at Arami Chicago

Aburi Otoro, Bluefin Tuna Belly with Osetra Caviar | Arami Chicago

I’m not a sushi expert, but I’ve had my fair share of sushi experiences from San Francisco to New York, and even at Japan’s famous Tsukiji market stalls and Tokyo’s locally-renowned (and not to mention uber-pricey) omakase restaurants. So I guess you can say that anything less of quality can make my nose turn up. Ok, a sushi snob maybe, but not a sushi expert.

I can’t say that I’ve ever really been to a Japanese restaurant in Chicago that I didn’t like, but then I realized I usually stick to noodle or beef bowls. Meals that easily satisfies me. Now that I think about it, I often stayed away from sushi because I hate getting disappointed. Sushi for me is something more festive and should always be served nothing short of exquisite.

So you can imagine how exciting it was that #ChicagonistaLife was invited to dine at Arami Chicago! #ChicagonistaLife is when Nancy Loo and I venture around the city checking out places and things to do in Chicago and that we hope to help inspire and encourage friends and followers to see what’s out there in this beautiful city.

It was a Friday evening, and we were ready for an exciting meal at Arami Chicago. Inconspicuously nestled in the busy street of Chicago Avenue, we were surprised to find a lot of street parking spaces around the restaurant. For Chicagoans, quickly found parking spots on a Friday night is a sign of a great evening already! Inside the restaurant is a cool big space that was unexpected. I honestly thought that we were the only customers walking in, but there were quite a lot of diners already inside, and by the time we were in the midst of dinner, the house was packed!

After we picked our white wine, we first started with the Zuke Maguro Kani, a spicy Alaskan king crab. It was just the perfect start! I had to restrain myself to ordering other kinds. Then, the Aburi Otoro, Bluefin Tuna belly with Osetra Caviar followed. The tuna was good, but the taste of the caviar on top was anti-climactic. I expected it to be a big burst of flavor, but it was indistinct. The Aji Tuna and the Trio Maki (Yellowtail, Tuna, Salmon) rolls were an excellent addition to our meal and last but not the least, we ordered a robata of Mei Mei Hara, a coffee braised Salt Meadow lamb belly that was so indulgingly rich. At the end of the meal, we perfectly capped it off with ordering some Genmaicha, a roasted brown rice green tea.

Overall, Arami Chicago served us high-quality food and service. I kept thinking the servings look small, but I enjoyed that they turned out to be just the perfect size.

Arami Chicago 
1829 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
(312) 243-1535



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