A Lively Musical Journey with DJEMBE! THE SHOW

DJEMBE! Fode | Photo Credit: Liz Lauren

The show started with Gloria Estefan’s, “The Rhythm is Gonna Get You,” and it did. Every rhythm and beat drummed in my head and heart throughout the show and stayed with me even after.

The international tour success DJEMBE! THE SHOW lands on a US debut in Chicago and now officially opens at the Apollo Theater. A high-energy, interactive and immersive show adventure like I’ve never encountered before!

With a Djembe drum on every seat, everyone will learn to play along with the performers. You will encounter a musical journey of how West Africa’s Djembe drums are the root and inspiration of the past’s tunes from Classical to Ragtime to songs during the period of slavery in the South, Jazz, Bebop and today’s Pop music. You will learn to drum through all of it! You will also experience the global musical composition from Algeria, Cuba, Germany, and South Korea’s Gangnam Style.

I left feeling like I explored the world all in one night. Don’t miss this show!

DJEMBE! THE SHOW will run until May 12th.

Apollo Theater
2540 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago
(773) 935-6100

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