A French Asian Bakery, Tous Les Jours, Now Open in Chinatown!

Tous Les Jours – #ChicagoChinatown

Newly opened Asian-French Bakery, Tous LeJours, a South Korean based company now in #ChicagoChinatown has been my obsession lately. I love the Asian twist on classics like croissants, cakes, macarons, and bread. It’s not all sweets though, there are a lot of savory choices as well. My two faves are the cream-filled Soboro (Korean Streusel) and the Kimchee-filled Croquettes. I haven’t tried the mochis and manjus, but I’ve been eyeing on those, too! There are a lot of seatings, and a good selection of drink options like coffee, tea, and smoothies.

Address: 2144 S Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60616 (click here for directions)
Phone: (312) 225-8488


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