A Dining Experience for All Senses: Loews Chicago Hotel’s Rural Society

A toast with the girls: L-r: @JulynsBling, @NancyLoo, @MJTam, @JustDwana, & @DuongOnine
A toast for good food and good friends: L-r: @JulynsBling, @NancyLoo, @MJTam, @JustDwana, & @DuongOnine

One of my perks as the First Lady of Loews Chicago Hotel is to invite my social influencer friends to a Chef’s Tasting dining experience at Rural Society, located in the Hotel. Naturally, I invited my #ChicagonistaLIVE Show friends to join me at Chicago’s newest Argentine Steakhouse, Rural Society. We knew we were in for an experience when we were led to the chef’s table where all the aromas from the kitchen’s parrilla is best to enjoy.

Sous Chef Chip Barnes and Server Ian
Executive Sous Chef Chip Barnes and Server Ian welcoming us to the Chef’s Table

Our friendly server introduced himself as Ian. Executive Sous Chef Chip Barnes also readily welcomed us. While I already know a lot of the inspiration behind the restaurant, I love hearing Ian tell my girlfriends a little bit more about how the restaurant’s name was inspired from an annual agricultural and livestock show called La Exposición Rural and organized by La Sociedad Rural Argentina. In English, The Argentine Rural Society.

Empanada De Espinaca: Savory Pastry, Swiss Chard, Sardo Cheese, Roasted Onions
Empanada De Espinaca: Savory Pastry, Swiss Chard, Sardo Cheese, Roasted Onions

Before long we were toasting with our #ChaChaChicagonista cocktails and started with some Argentine small plates of Empanada De Espinaca, Morrones, Carpaccio de Pulpos and Provoleta. The ingredients sound complicated in my non-chef brain, but the taste was a delight. The Morrones, or red peppers, whipped eggplant, and anchovies was a taste my tongue feasted on and the Spinach Empanadas were a big hit with our group.

As we enjoyed our glasses of Malbec, our server brought out the Asado Mixto. They were a selection of house-made sausages with charred scallions. A selection of Chorizo Gaucho (Beef & Pork Sausage), Chorizo Con Queso (Provoleta-Stuffed Pork Sausage), and my favorite of all, the Morcilla (Blood Sausage with Pine Nuts, and Raisins).

House-made Sausages. Photo taken by @julynsbling

From the parrilla  (Argentine Grill) we were served with the most delicious cuts of meat that were perfectly seasoned. Each bite melted in my mouth. We had the Bife De Chorizo (Ribeye), Picanha (Wagyu Beef). Langosta (Maine Lobster, Entrana (skirt steak), and Chuletas De Cordero (Lamb Chops).


The three must-have items that complimented the meaty selections for me were the Setas, or grilled wild mushroom with truffle oil and the Remolachas, Ember Roasted Beets with Orange Coriander Vinaigrette, and Crema Papas, Garlic-Whipped Potato and Mozzarella Curd.

SETAS Grilled Wild Mushrooms, Parsley, Truffle
SETAS Grilled Wild Mushrooms, Parsley, Truffle

The girlfriends dinner was a success and you couldn’t pry away those smiles from our faces after the most incredible experience at the #LoewsChicago Rural Society Restaurant.

Our compliments to the chef!

There’s a lot more I’ll be experiencing and sharing at #LoewsChicago these coming weeks. For now, please follow my Facebook: /mjtamTwitter: @mjtam, and Instagram: @mjtam for some play by play postings and of course Loews Chicago Hotel’s Social Media channels, too:

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Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 9.29.59 PMDisclosure: I am the official #LoewsChicago Hotel First Lady, assigned as the ambassador of the new build property. For more information on Loews Chicago, visit their website here.

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