A Day In a Life of #MobileMoms [vid] & learn more about MobiU2012

Beware of #MobileMoms!

Call me Mom-gyver or even Jane Bond, because as long as there’s wi-fi or cell service, I can probably save the world! My ammo – a sweet looking, high-tech pocket-size gadget more known as my iPhone. And of course, my iPad. These gadgets practically took the place of every major appliance we know of. They took the place of our television, my home phone, camcorder, camera, and now fitting in my cutest handbag or wallet.  My calendar, book, and to-do-list are always handy because those too are loaded in my gadgets.

As a modern and progressive mom of today, I can’t imagine leaving the house without my iPhone and iPad. There’s certainly a sense of security knowing that I can reach anyone for any reason at all. Most especially when I’m out with the kids. Can’t find the nearest cupcake place or theatre may sell-out on tickets? No problem, let me just Google that and/or order online. Kids bored and in need of distraction? My iPad have many books, games, and activities to choose from. Away from home and can’t watch the news? Well, WGN is live streaming at the very moment! The possibilities are endless and at most times you just don’t know what you need until you are at that moment. Thank goodness that I’m never without my cell phone.

I’m smarter, faster, and maybe even a bit lazier because of my smart gadgets but I bet you can spot many #MobileMoms out there like me. The ones who make price comparisons in grocery stores, the ones who use loyalty reward apps, the ones who check in Foursquare for a special offer, and the ones that tweet for some suggestion on products. Also the ones who post photos on Instagram and send you tips from Pinterest and the one who keeps all your contact info close in hand.

So the next time you cross a Mobile Mom, beware – she has a camera on hand and she may just tag a pic or video of you on Facebook!

#ChicagonistaLIVE – A Day In a Life of #MobileMoms

Marketers – want to learn more about #MobileMoms – I’m speaking at the MobiU2012: Mobile Moms 101 Seminar hosted by the Heartland Mobile Council so please come and join me!

How are moms engaging with mobile as they research, shop and purchase products for their family. The U.S. mom wields $2.4 trillion dollars of buying power, however her attention is fractured between work, play and screens. Today, more moms own smartphones than the general population. According to eMarketer , Smartphones have become tools to research purchases and comparison shop. 36% of moms use their phones for shopping comparison and 31% have researched a new product.

Join the Heartland Mobile Council as we present an educational experience on the latest strategy, methods and best practices to engage with moms via mobile. Learn how key retailers and consumer product brands are using mobile to market to moms. The HMC will provide an overview of Mobile & Moms. Then the individual brands will share insight and learnings. The experience will provide understanding of how mobile can impact you, your company, your brand and your future marketing to these mobile consumers.

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