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By: Molly Katholi
In my relatively short tenure as a mother I have been to a whole bunch of libraries and bookstores.My expectations are fairly normal.  Usually, I am looking for an outing for the day, some new books for bedtime, and, if temperaments permit, a good read for me.I have found this and so much more at the Women and Children First bookstore right here in Andersonville.

This is a smaller bookstore where I could see or hear my children while I chatted with the employees or looked for books. However, there was plenty of room for me to park my giant side-by-side20double stroller without feeling that I had inconvenienced other shoppers. The selection is wonderful and unique in both adult and children’s books.More importantly, the employees are knowledgeable about the books.When I was looking for a book on entertaining my two toddlers the woman who helped me pulled at least five for my selection and gave me a synopsis of each one.It was a real time saver while shopping with my little helpers.

And what were my busy little helpers doing while I shopped? They were playing with an assortment of toys in the children’s section. Bless these people; these toys are for entertainment while in the store and not for sale.  In my opinion, this is the best of both worlds since my children were happily entertained and gracious about leaving the toys behind.  Be warned, there is a plinky piano present that might drive anyone unused to Fisher-Price insane.

I loved their children’s selection.  There you will find a display of books for little girls on all the things a girl can be if ruling a kingdom far-far away doesn’t pan out.  They also have standard favorites in different languages as well as books targeted towards non-traditional families.

The bookstore has a story time at 10:30 on Wednesdays for babies and toddlers.Typically I avoid story time like the plague because so many of them are like children’s theatre production which overwhelm my children and drive me insane.However, at Women and Children First they focused on the story making it eminently enjoyable for everyone without being over stimulating. Miss Linda who read for us has an uncanny ability to sense unrest in the crowd at which time she switches to finger play songs to get the wiggles out.Normally these songs make me feel fairly stupid as I seem to be the only mother who cannot belt out “Three Little Monkeys” without embarrassment. But, it really helped all the children and when they were settled again it was back to the books.

This bookstore has it all.It is located at 5233 North Clark Street and you can get more information by either calling 773-769-9299 or checking their website atwww.womenandchildrenfirst.com

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Molly Kathori is a Lawyer and pregnant mama to two children (almost three) who lives in the bustling Andersonville neighborhood. With what is left of her spare time, she manages to scour and jot down her fabulous chicago finds.

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  1. MJ Tam says:

    I too love this place! Wasn’t it too long ago that they were supposed to close? Glad to hear that they are still there. Something about neighborhood bookstores. They make you feel so comfortable. Thanks for posting this.

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