What’s your Ultimate Chicago Field Trip? Win it!

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Remember the feeling of going on a school field trip? And if you have children, I’m sure that your kids now are as excited in going. Everything about going on school field trips is a win-win situation, teachers get to teach their students in a very hands-on experience while kids don’t even realize they are learning while having fun. Unfortunately, this tradition is slowly going away. The IL School Board Journal has indeed stated that some school districts had cut back on field trips due financial woes.

So when Lunchables came up with the Ultimate Field Trips program as part of their Project Potential Initiative, I jumped on board. They provided me with a $150 MasterCard Gift Card to design my own field trip and so I did exactly that.

Being that I have to satisfy 3 kids with different interests, we decided to hit Navy Pier. They have rides, movies, restaurants, and the Chicago Children’s Museum.  Take a look at how much fun had! Also, do keep reading for the surprise below.

They first played outside.

The Chicago Children's Museum

Lunched at Bubba Gump Restaurant. It was a hit!

A 3D Movie at IMAX Theatre after lunch - Born To Be Wild

The girl had to pick up a Build-A-Bear bunny before leaving Navy Pier


And guess what? Lunchables is also nice enough to provide me with 9 more of the $150 MasterCard Gift Cards to give out to you, our Chicagonista readers and design your own family field trips!

Simply leave a comment below on how you would like to design your ultimate family’s field trip and I will randomly choose and contact the 9 winners thru email by the May 20th. You can also help other families by tweeting or facebooking  this post out. It is not necessary to tweet or facebook, but it is much appreciated!

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  1. Chicagonista: What’s your Ultimate Chicago Field Trip? Win $150 to make it happen http://t.co/JglVsyi

  2. Cat Davis says:

    I just love visiting Chicago with my kids. Our absolute favorite stop is Shed Aquarium but I’d also love to check out the Planetarium which we have yet to do. And of course a stop at Navy Pier is something we always have to do.

  3. My ultimate Chicago field trip would start with a visit to the Museum of Science and Industry (we’ve never been); then a river boat tour in the wonderful summer weather; deep dish pizza for lunch; and then an I-Max movie at Navy Pier! A very Chicago day : )

  4. First, start with the mother-of-all-museums, the Art Institute of Chicago. Then the Museum of Modern Art…giving us a warm-up for the local and ecletic tease with the Mexican Fine Arts Museum…then the Pilsen Art Galleries/River North and cap with cultural river boat to see the architectures of Chicago…

    And we’re still just starting…to experience the culture that is Chicago, we can move to the public displays from the Millenium Park, Northside Parks and the South.

    Then dining on the Millenium Park’s new cafes and restaurants….to take a break.

    Then of course, the “Broadway” theatres of Chicago.

    Are we Artful yet?

  5. We would start with the Shedd since my kids would love to see the Jellyfish exhibit. A stop at Cheesecake Factory for a delicious dinner, we will head for Peter Pan broadway show. 🙂

  6. Emily says:

    My Chicago Field Trip would have to include a stop at the Art Institute to see the miniatures in the Thorne Rooms. Ever since she read the great kids’ mystery novel set in Chicago, The 68 Rooms, my 2nd grader has been obsessed with the Thorne Rooms. My 4 year old, however, is in a major dinosaur phase, so the next stop would have to be the Field Museum to see the dinosaur bones. And for me, lunch at the Park Grill in Millenium Park!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    My ideal field trip would be to take the train/bus to Shedd Aquarium (because all the kids, ages 6, 4 and 7 months) love looking at fish and seeing the whales and dolphins. Then we’d take a water taxi to Navy Pier, go to the Children’s Museum, watch a couple of the live acts, eat and run around. After that, we’d head to the Lincoln Park Zoo for some more animal fun. Then we’d eat something either at the zoo or nearby before heading home on the train, because the train is as much a part of the field trip as anything else 🙂

  8. GillyShan says:

    The kids have been begging to go to the Children’s Museum in Navy Pier, that would be our first stop and then off to some cute eateries along Michigan Avenue to satisfy my hungry kids’ appetite for delicious food. Then off to a Sox game.

  9. Fatima says:

    Since my family have gone to Chicago’s museums with the use of Chicago Public Library Kraft Great Kids museum passes, our family’s Ultimate Chicago field trip would cover the Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise and then we will visit Chicago’s Chinatown to see the neighborhood and the variety of Chinese restaurants. In my opinion, learning more about Chicago’s architectures with a side of Chinese food from Chinatown equals our Ultimate Chicago field trip.

  10. Lucy says:

    My ultimate Chicago field trip would be a day of museum hopping. First, MSI and then we’d head to Museum Campus and spend the day learning and having fun! And of course, at some point we’d need a little Lou Malnati’s pizza!

  11. Our friends at Chicagonista have a super fun giveaway going on right now. Check it out and you could win a fun… http://fb.me/12d6IQOLC

  12. Michelle says:

    Oh how fun! We love going on trips with the wee ones. And yes, we go on field trips all the time. I’d love to do the full museum campus trip – stars and fish and science and history and DINOsaurs. I might never be able to top it 🙂 Thanks!

  13. Erin S says:

    My Ultimate Chicago field trip…
    Museums are nice and fun, but it’s not really giving you a full picture of Chicago. If I were to plan a Chicago field trip for friends or family coming to Chicago it would consist of the following:

    Seeing the view of the city from above at either Hancock or Sears (I refuse to call it Willis)

    Pizza from Giordano’s

    Walk around Millenium Park – maybe during a festival or concert (play in the fountain & the bean)

    Architectual boat tour of the city or a trip on the Tall Ship Windy

    Navy Pier – Children’s museum/dinner/shopping

    Watching the fireworks from Navy Pier

  14. I don’t get into the city as often as I’d like so I would love the opportunity to explore something new with my son. I’d like to visit the Bronzeville Children’s Museum then head to Hyde park to visit 57th street books. From there we’d visit the Oriental Institute Museum to check out the Egyptian exhibit. Finally some good food at Rajun Cajun.

  15. Miriam S. says:

    I have 2 year old twins. Whenever I say we’re going to go to a museum, they say in unison “fish!” so we would definitely go to the Shedd. I’d like to get them some penguin stuffed animals to remember the trip. Our son really likes animals, so we would also try to fit in visit to the lincoln park zoo. It made such a big impression that for a week he retold the story of what he saw last time– “Cow- pooping. Gorilla- eating lettuce.” If we could do our visit over 2 days I’d love to take them on a river boat since they are learning about different forms of transportation and we have lots of books about boats.

  16. Nancy Mama-Do says:

    A beautiful Chicago riverboat cruise with the family and some quick meal with the remaining money.

  17. Adam C. says:

    We always wanted to visit the Chicago History Museum and then some neighborhood eats. A true Chicago day!

  18. Mimi Mimey Mo Mom says:

    Thank you for doing this! We can never afford to take out our 7 kids to anywhere that cost a fee and I’m so excited to plan a day for them. I would love to take them to the Museum of Science & Industry. My older kids are fascinated with the world of Science and it would mean a world to us if you can sendour family there.

  19. Jessica Stein says:

    My kids are older and always wanted to do the Segway tour around the lake. We would hit the Shedd, then Fields and then hit the Art Institute. Dining around the area is also in the plan.

  20. Darcy says:

    I would love the chance to take my kids to a Children’s theatre. I grew up crazy about it but I can’t afford to take my family to one. Please make this dream come true.

  21. Jennifer N. says:

    Would love to hit an authentic food tour in Indian town, Greek Town, China town. A food culture trip with my family.

  22. sam lewis says:

    Shedd Aquarium visit with the family would be great. We want to see the Jellies!

  23. Sylvia Cruz says:

    I’m an aunt of 5 and always wanted a chance to take my nieces and nephews to Great America. Tickets are so expensive so I hope this will help.

  24. Gemma Liu says:

    A segway tour by the lake! My kids always wanted to try the Segway and what better way to enjoy them?!

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